Charlie Smith

Designer / Producer

Charlie is an award-winning Industrial Designer who specialises in the outdoor industry.  Since becoming the youngest Brit to cross Iceland unsupported he has participated in and lead expeditions in diverse conditions and countries - including MalawiScandinavia, Ethiopia, Austria, Iceland, France, and the UK. Most recently he was team leader of the Coldest Crossing expedition, and a producer for the upcoming series: ‘The Coldest Crossing’.

Charlie has strong relationships with many of the leading adventures and explorers working in the UK, and has previously worked with a range of top American adventurers and filmmakers, including Camp4 Collective's Taylor Rees & Renan Ozturk, & Reel Water Productions. 

Charlie is just back from filming in Greenland, and now slightly less blind than he used to be


Instagram: @baresmithoutdoor

Facebook: @CharlieSmith