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Our Design

We have an array of creative talent within Expedition Studios: from graphic designers and architects to photographers and illustrators. With a design studio in London and access to workshops in Kent & Cumbria, we are equipped to take on projects of all sizes and scales. Our team is used to working fast and professionally in challenging environments. The further we get from our comfort zones, the more excited we are about our work. 


Our Work







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 Pitch & Sales

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We design for Story.


Graphic Design

By combining in-depth research into the stories at the heart of each project, and our own knowledge of the outdoor, adventure, and media industries, we create compelling documents that outline our client's aims and ambitions, in a style specifically tailored to the target recipient. 


Case study: Expedition Decks

Our current client list includes some of Britain's leading explorers and adventurers. We design pitch and sales documents that detail complex, intricate stories in a compelling and accessible way.

Expedition Studios also produces retrospective analysis reports, detailing the impacts of expeditions or campaigns, and their projected future effects. 



Expedition Studios takes outdoor product design seriously, with a team of in-house explorers and outdoor athletes involved at all levels of development. This not only allows concepts and prototypes to be field tested to their limits, but also provides key insights into the current market, and into the needs and expectations of the most demanding users. 


Case study: MEzzo

The Mezzo Stove System boils water and cooks food simultaneously - saving fuel, weight, & time.

The system has the capability to boil 1L of room temperature water in 45s, and bring 1L of snow to the boil in under 3m, drastically reducing the wait time whilst cooking and refuelling in cold climates.