Oli Broadhead


A researcher and writer working on concept design and content, Oli balances Charlie's love of cold with a preference for expeditions in warmer climates. His most recent expedition entailed walking across the Indonesian island of Sumatra, conducting a biodiversity study of a previously un-researched rainforest, and attempting (read "failing") to make the first ascent of the 3080m Mount Kurik.

Previous adventures include two months spent walking coast to coast across South India (living on 75p a day, sleeping in fields frequented by tigers, and facing the monsoon with no tent), and cycling solo to the Arctic circle

Oli has given talks at the Royal Geographic Society, TEDx Edinburgh, and the London Mountaineering Society; and written articles for a variety of adventure magazines, including Sidetracked and Say Yes to Adventure.

Website: www.olibroadhead.com

Instagram: @olibhead

Facebook: @olibroadheadphoto