Dept director of Nat Geo Mobile Story Telling and grabber of life by the horns
Sadie Quarrier

Sadie Quarrier is the Deputy Director of Mobile Storytelling at National Geographic. Over nearly three decades, in various visual leadership roles at National Geographic, she has managed numerous long–form documentary projects for print and digital as well as short form, mobile–first stories and videos. She is passionate about telling stories that spark curiosity, evoke emotion, and effect change. The opportunity to closely collaborate with talented photographers, filmmakers, explorers, writers, and producers to tell meaningful stories lights her fire.

From 2002-2019, she was a Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic magazine where she led the adventure beat and was responsible for producing, managing, and editing 20+ stories a year on a range of topics, from exploration to conservation, environment, culture, and wildlife. For assignments and expeditions, she traveled twice to Nepal, including Everest Base Camp (Maxed on Everest stories and The Last Honey Hunter); Grand Canyon (Losing the Grand Canyon); Australia (Australia’s Monsoon Season); and twice to Antarctica.

Sadie was twice awarded Visual Editor of the Year (Finalist in 2020, Second Place in 2017) by Pictures of the Year International (POYi), and she has won twenty-five other editing awards. She served many years on the National Geographic Expeditions Council and Young Explorers Grant Committees both of which funded media-driven projects. She also taught photography and storytelling to underserved communities through National Geographic Photo Camps in Cuba, Qatar, India, Costa Rica and on the Arizona/Mexico border.

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