Thérèse-Marie Becker

Digital Consultant & Strategist/Athlete

An entrepreneur since 2010, Therese-Marie is our resident web positioning strategist, branding specialist, and social media wizard. Originally from south Belgium, she studied in Brussels for her BE in International Trade, specialising in International Business Management. 

After 4 years working in Hotel web marketing and strategy, she shifted her focus to the Outdoor Industry, working as the web content and strategy manager for EpicTV's French audience. Therese-Marie speaks four languages and has worked with clients across Europe, and as far afield as China and the USA; including Seraphin (Belgium insurtech market leader), Flathold (Swiss climbing hold company), and 2 competitive climbers, both ranked in the world top ten.

Therese-Marie now lives in Rocamadour, Southwest France. Her free time is spent in the outdoors: climbing, paragliding, biking, or canoeing down wild rivers.

LinkedIn: Thérèse-Marie Becker

Instagram: @climbofreak

Twitter: @ThereseMarieBEC