When Sony Alpha asked us to push the limits with a prototype of their new low light monster Alpha 7Siii camera, we wanted to strive for something that went far beyond our comfort zone. 

We combined our best cinematography skills, performance art chops and experience in the desert to pull off an epic shoot with our longtime slackliner friend Andy Lewis and his clan of “Moab Monkeys.” The idea was for Andy to freesolo on a highline between two desert towers with the full moon behind him in a tribute to our fallen friend and mentor, Dean Potter.  

After literal months of trials and failures, it all came together for a fateful few steps on a line across the sky. 

This project was made with gratitude on native ancestral lands.


Directors - Taylor Rees, Renan Ozturk 

Executive Producers - Matt Parnell, Neal Manowitz

Slack Line Artist - Andy Lewis 

Editor - Joe Peeler

Cinematographers - Matt Irving, Kyle Daly 

Composer - Logan Nelson 

Celllist - Mia Barcia-Colombo

Drone and Tech - Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger

Digital Asset Tech - Tim Hardy 

Sound - Jeff Yellen / Ridgeline Sound

Color - Dan Edwards 

Moon Still - Curt Morgan Riggers

Slackers - Sylvan Christensen, Homer Manson

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