It was hot - like, Utah desert hot. And in the middle of the pandemic. We didn’t have much time or budget, but we had a vision. We wanted to create an off-road masterpiece for the launch video of the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX truck, set to a sensual lullaby rendition of the 1950's classic hit song “Mister Sandman.” 

The execution was a carefully crafted dance of endurance and strategy with co-Director/DPs   Renan Ozturk and Eric Crosland running two independent and highly coordinated film units simultaneously. We pushed hard into the blue hours using our expedition-style strategy with team members who had - literally - just returned from summiting Everest with Renan, and captured the magic that can only occur in the perfect moments in locations that we know like the back of our hand. Oh, and the truck was pretty capable too. 

This project was made with gratitude on native ancestral lands.


Direction and DP -  Renan Ozturk and Eric Crosland

Agency - The Richards Group

Producer - Darin Ball

EP - Jeff Synder 

Agency Producer - Paul Nelson

Ram Client on Location - Jeff Summers

Production Managers - Lisa and Randy 

Stunts - Ricky Johnson, Flying Louie Franco  

Assistant Director - Robert Thoren 

Agency Creative - Parker Bell 

FPV  Drone - Steele Davis

Drone - Renan Ozturk, Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger, Matt Irving 

Second Camera -  Matt Irving 

Locations - Moab Film Services 

Armed Car -  Override Films and Kraken Cinema 

AC / Sound -  Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger

DIT -  Tim Hardy 

AC -  Kyle Daly + Scott Daharb

Photographer - Blake Jorgenson 

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