"Take Me Home, Country Roads" performed by an all female singing trio? A cinematic concept that somehow keeps the camera constantly rising across multiple shots, creating the experience of a continuous, floating ascent throughout the whole piece? Iconic climbing and rafting locations? Yes, please. 

Getting this complex and dynamic spot to work meant pulling out all of the stops, including inventing new technical tricks. One of our favorite shots was one that started tight on a beautiful fish swimming underwater and rose directly up a sheer rock face. As with all of our best work, our fiercely optimistic attitude, intense location scouting and plain hard work saved the day.

The lead agency creatives were so psyched that they let us take them rock climbing. Which might be a story best left for another time.



Direction and DP:  Renan Ozturk + Eric Crosland 

Music: Mountain Man  

Drone Op:  Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger

Cable Cam:  Matt Maddaloni and Axl Fostvedt

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