About Expedition Studios

a turn key Media studio delivering important stories for premium brands & audiences through our unique expedition-style approach

Expedition Style Approach

Our unique ethos, a synthesis of endurance, environmental stewardship and going beyond traditional limits.

The 'Expedition Style Approach' is the compass by which we navigate the untold and the unseen, a symbiotic blend of adventure, exploration, and artistic expression. This approach goes beyond the mere physical traverse of lands; it is a journey through the myriad tales that nature whispers, a dance with the unseen energies of the worlds we seek to explore. Our multi-disciplinary team of explorers, artists, and storytellers venture into the uncharted, embracing the essence of each environment, each narrative, weaving them into cinematic tapestries that echo with the subtle nuances and untamed spirit of the landscapes we traverse.

Each expedition is a commitment to illuminating the beauty and fragility of our world’s ecosystems, a journey to echo the silent roars of the wild, and the whispered tales of the lands. Our approach is steeped in a deep respect and love for the natural world and the myriad of stories it holds, striving to resonate a harmonious symphony of nature's vastness and intricacy. It’s about capturing the essence of the unexplored and showcasing it in a way that evokes reflection, inspiration, and a renewed sense of wonder, creating a ripple of awareness and respect for the beautiful complexity of our world.

Previous Clients

National Geographic / GMC / Apple / Disney+ / Jeep / The North Face / Mercedes / Netflix / Sony / Ford / Intel / Range Rover / Honda / Porsche / Meili Vodka / Thule / Corona / Yeti / RAM Trucks / BMW / Maserati & more


We thrive in extreme environments. We know that tenacity and teamwork means never missing a crucial moment. Our Expedition-Style approach utilizes crews that bring an ultra-athlete level of fitness and professionalism to every shoot. We bring a degree of coordination and synchronicity that comes from trusting each other with our most important projects, and also our lives. ur team cut their teeth as alpinists, dancers, activists and painters. We’ve been inspired by the natural world, and have chased magical moments across the planet - from the wind-swept slopes of the highest mountains on earth, to the dusty roads and front porches of the American West.

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We offer turn-key media solutions and a comprehensive content eco-system from social media to long-form broadcast deliverables.

// Short form broadcast commercial TVC
// Social Campaign Development & Execution
// Long form documentary
// Branded content (short & long form)
// Brand Design, Build & Strategy
// Website Design & Development
// Ideation & Creative Concept
// Commercial Photography
// Editorial Photography
// Product Photography
// Edit & Post Production Suite
// Influencer, Athlete & Talent Services
// Client Experience
// Dog-care
// Duffel-shuffling