About Expedition Studios

Expedition Studios is a full-service production company where everything we do is informed by our unconventional backstory.

Our team cut their teeth as alpinists, dancers, activists and painters. We’ve been inspired by the natural world, and have chased magical moments across the planet - from the wind-swept slopes of the highest mountains on earth, to the dusty roads and front porches of the American West.

We thrive in extreme environments. We know that tenacity and teamwork means never missing a crucial moment. Our Expedition-Style approach utilizes crews that bring an ultra-athlete level of fitness and professionalism to every shoot. We bring a degree of coordination and synchronicity that comes from trusting each other with our most important projects, and also our lives.

We also know that the human journey through life is the greatest expedition of all. Everyone has a story that can change the world, and often the most meaningful messages come from the most unexpected characters.

Our role as storytellers is to embody the deep humility, curiosity and desire to listen that allows these stories to be told. We believe in giving authority to the people whose stories we are honoured to share. It’s about engaging in a process of learning, growing and always striving to refine how our values of equity and respect apply to our work.

From concept to shoot, editing to distribution, we have worked with backyard warriors, indigenous communities and the largest brands on Earth to create stories that shine on the global stage.

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