Juniper's Dad, loves cats, career ambition currently in decline.
Ben Knight
"Juniper's Dad, loves cats, career ambition currently in decline."

Ben has turned down every job we've ever tried to hire him for but one. Recently he said yes to something but then slept on it and said no the following day. "I'm very cautious about the films I take on because [as an editor/director] you have to really bleed for these things to turn out worth a shit. It's gonna follow you home, sit on your chest at night and that pressure to get it right is something my family ends up feeling too." Ben has an honorary high school diploma from Telluride High School, two cats, more than 70 film festival awards stored in a closet, two Oscar qualified films, drives a giant diesel truck, collects antique etchings and was once nominated for National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year but lost.