Ecologist, Photographer, Drones for Conservation
Jeff Kerby

I’m an ecologist and geographer interested in basic and applied questions relating to life history theory, phenology, and ecological scaling in seasonal environments.  My work blends theory and empirical data from Arctic and alpine systems to examine these questions in places with strong abiotic limitations, low diversity (but sometimes high endemism), and generally high climatic sensitivity.

Advances in drone, satellite, and time-lapse imaging and analyses now allow for classic ideas from ecology to be examined from new perspectives.  With this approach, I aim to build on existing theory and improve conservation applications.  

Collaboration is key to interdisciplinary projects and and field-based research.  It provides learning opportunities for students and senior researchers alike and a chance to contribute to scientific outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.  For more on my research themes and scientific collaborations see my Research tab.  

Images can be so much more than data.  As a documentary photographer, I produce photo-narratives to share both news and long-form science and conservation content.  My goal is to reveal insights about the diverse people that dedicate their lives to these pursuits, and to explore the nuance that binds ecology, natural history, and conservation biology.