Synergizer Bunny of moving pictures, pixels, sounds and feels a.k.a. The Editor
Joe Peeler

Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Ford Foundation JustFilms grantee Joe Peeler is an accomplished documentary editor and director whose work has appeared on NETFLIX, HBO, FX, ESPN, Hulu and CBS. After apprenticing under legendary director Peter Bogdanovich, Joe directed his first documentary, Mule Days, in 2012. He edited Lucy Walker’s Sundance Film Festival premiere & Academy Awards Shortlist documentary short, The Lion’s Mouth Opens; multiple episodes of the Netflix original series Flint Town; Peter Berg’s NFL docu-series The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here; and Margaret Brown’s SXSW premiere documentary short The Black Belt. He attended the Points North Shortform Editing Residency for his work on the Field of Vision & Topic Studio short documentary series The Art of Making Money. In 2017, he was named the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta’s annual Artist in Residence. Joe is currently directing a documentary due to be released in 2022. He plans to eventually write a graphic novel about his brief time in the company of Hollywood titans called Pillow Talk with Peter Bogdanovich.