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Kael Van Buskirk

Kael Van Buskirk, a multifaceted visionary in the dynamic world of lens-based media, wears many hats, but shines brightest as a cinematographer and editor. Hailing from Montana State University, Van Buskirk seamlessly melded the art of filmmaking with the craft of capturing the essence of adventure through both digital and analog photography, forging a unique path to attain a fine arts degree that reflects the very heart of creativity.

For Van Buskirk, art is not merely expression but a celebration of reality itself, wherein the intricate tapestry of human consciousness unravels, weaving profound narratives into the visual language of film. Each frame and sequence is a canvas upon which the human experience is brought to life, revealing the intricate layers of our existence through his masterful lens.

In the fast-paced world of independent filmmaking, Van Buskirk's talents and unique upbringing are the driving force behind lens-based expressionism. He continues to shape the cinematic landscape with his distinctive vision, further solidifying his standing as a true artist of the moving picture.