Twirler of paints, Lover of play, Melder of minds for Climate
Rebeka Ryvola

Rebeka makes art and facilitates creative processes in service to people and the earth. She has worked for over a decade in environmental science, international humanitarian policy, and women’s rights spaces, and it was around the time of her first encounter with one Taylor Freesolo Rees at grad school at Yale University in 2012 that she gathered enough courage and wit to start to sneak more and more art into serious professional spaces. Coincidence? Definitely not!  She has worked in artist, creative director, and facilitation roles with international organizations and local communities alike, and has served as an innovative learning advisor with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre for over 6 years. She loves to make art all day long, teach yoga and theater in the prison system, and commune with water drops and flowers.