Drone innovator and Aerial Director
Soren Jenson

Soren Jensen is an aerial cinema artist who lives for adventure and the relentless pursuit of compelling visual storytelling from above. He’s passionate about projects that challenge the boundaries of aerial cinematography, and feels most comfortable seeking the antithesis of comfort — hostile jungles, inferno deserts, and unforgiving high mountain environments everywhere and anywhere. It’s the shot that matters.

Soren is an aerial DP and cofounder of SkySight Motion Cinema. Established in 2012 with his two brothers in Boulder, CO., SkySight has been a leader in defining the creative edge for the integration of drone cinematography in the production of feature, commercial, and documentary films. By 2015 Soren’s primary role as lead camera operator carried him deep into the Philippine Rainforest, documenting endangered eagles for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology  —  tracking Roberta Moncino wingsuit flying through Panama skyscrapers, and capturing Alex Honnold’s free-solo of El Sendero Luminoso.

Soren brought his substantial experience as a licensed aircraft pilot to the SkySight team, and naturally gravitated to the role of Chief Drone Pilot at the company. In the interim, he has logged over 4,000 hours UAV flight time, working on set with film industry luminaries like Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman), James Cameron (Game Changers), Robert Redford (National Park Experience), and IMAX 50 Year Anniversary (Svalbard).

In the Spring of 2019, Soren embarked on his most ambitious and demanding project to date, as aerial DP for Soar America  —  a dome-theater immersive-ride experience featuring breathtaking footage captured by drone & helicopter all over the Continental U.S., including four National Parks.

Being given the ultimate creative freedom Soren became a certified Shotover K1 operator and teamed up with Fred North and Team 5 Aerials.

These days you can find Soren building custom FPV drones in his studio to carry large cinema cameras, which he recently employed to capture extreme tornadic weather events for National Geographic. His primary goal remains providing directors with the ultimate freedom and flexibility in cinematic creativity with leading edge drone technology.